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With Anna
==Physical Description==
==Physical Description==

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Anna Korlov

 Anna Korlov was a Finnish girl that lived in Thunder Bay, Ontario, with her mother and soon-to-be stepfather. She was murdered in 1958 and became a bloodthirsty ghost that killed everyone who entered her home. She spared Cas Lowood's life and eventually sacrificed herself to the Obeahman so that he could live. After enduring months of Hell with the Obeahman, Cas rescued her and set her freely into her own heavenly paradise.



Anna Korlov was the daughter of Finnish immigrants. She grew up in an old, Victorian house in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Her father died while off at sea in a treacherous storm. Her mother, Malvina, ran a boarding house downtown. When Anna was 16, her mother became engaged to a man named Elias. He abused Anna without her mother knowing. One night, she tried to go to a school dance even though her mother forbade it. She fought against Elias and was eventually pinned to the floor and her throat was slit by Guggenheim


Malvina, who was a witch, put a curse on Anna after she killed her. She turned Anna into a monster that would kill every person that entered her home. Within 50 years of being murdered, she killed at least 27 teenagers. Her untold story and many brutal murders made her the legendary spook story of Thunder Bay. 

On the first night of school, Cas Lowood, Carmel Jones, and the Trojan Army visited the house. After Cas was knocked out by Mike Andover, Anna floated down the stairs to "greet" her guests. She split Mike in half with ease. Cas came to and struggled to look at the deadly goddess before him. She stared at Cas until Thomas Sabin came to his rescue.

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With Anna

Physical Description

Cas first sees Anna in her monstrous form, flickering in and out as if she was trying to remain real. She has dark purplish veins cut through her pallid skin, oily onyx eyes with no whites to speak of, and obsidian hair that moves like snakes suspended in air. Cas thought that it was the only thing about her that was alive. Her outfit was one she wore when she died, a white dress bloodied by her own blood, constantly floating. Her blood continues to drip from her, down her legs and onto the  floor. She exuded the aura of death, making Cas thinks she's a goddess of death (or, Persephone back from Hades.)

Later, after their first meeting, Cas returns to the mansion and sees Anna, who after conversing for a while turns to a less monstrous form. Hovering in air makes Anna taller than she really is, but Cas guesses that she's about five foot seven. Cas claims that she has soft violet eyes, and a thoughtful face when she appears to him in her sane form. She has dark brown and almost blackish hair that rests calmly at her back. She wears her white dress that is not bloodied. She is beautiful, or so Cas and his friends seem to think.

Personality and Traits

Anna first appears as a cold-blooded killer, a monster. Though in her monstrous form that sought veangeance for her unjust death, she does have a shred of compassion in her, having had spared Cas' life - though her compassion may be very little in her 'goddess' form for she'd killed Mike without a second thought. Later, when Cas returns to the mansion, he notices how she seemed forlorn and bitter. He also learns of her humane side, indulging him of her company.

Despite her newfound power in death and lingering in the earthen plane, she was capable of terror so great that she was petrified when Mike tried to kill her and hadn't dodged. She does have a guilty conscious, unable to stomach it to stay in the mansion where she had to be reminded of the people she'd killed. She seemed keen on inflicting pain on herself, conjuring images of the people she'd killed.

Anna, after the curse on her was removed, appeared sane. A passive person by nature, she could be aggresive when it concerned the people she cared about as was seen when she'd been furious when Cas was attacked. She was also an adamant and stubborn person, chosing to ignore Cas and sacrifice herself anyway to defeat their enemy.

In life, Anna was also stubborn and strong willed, defying her parents by chosing to go to a school party despite her parents' objections, which in the end led to her death at the hands of her mother who turned out to be a black witch.

Special Skills

As a ghost, Anna was immortal. She is shown to be unsuspectible to physical attacks, for Carmel's baseball bat assault did not harm her in the slightest, but she is suspectible to certain weapons such as Cas' athame. Descended of a family with witches blood in their veins, it is highly possible that Anna's power, which were unnaturally powerful for a ghost, were due to her ancestors. She is easily the strongest ghost in the world - tied with the Obeahman - as Cas remarks.

She has physical strength that far surpasses a mortal, as seen when she easily defeated Cas with a mere flick of the wrist. She could be seen by humans as she implied. She also has the ability to open portals, demonstrated in her battle with the Obeahman and dragging him away into another world.

In life, Anna doesn't seem to posses any witch-like powers.


Anna never got along with her mother. She would wonder why her kind father loved her but Malvina hated her with a firey, bitter passion. Malvina's loyalties lied elsewhere with a dark Finnish demon-god. Elias frightened Anna , but she was careful to hide her fear. He abused her but she couldn't do anything about it. Her mother wouldn't do anything about it. Her only friend in life, it seemed, was Maria, a boarder in her house.

Cas was the first of very few people that Anna managed to spare while in her goddess form. Something about him sent a signal telling her that she didn't need to kill him. Anna and Cas loved each other, and their love grew stronger with every visit and through the very end when she sacrificed herself for him. When Anna was suffering in Hell, Cas saved her and made the toughest decision of his life, choosing to let her go to Heaven instead of bringing her back into the world.

Anna was friends with Carmel and Thomas. They had both encountered her in murder-mode with the intention of saving Cas. Anna was acquainted with Morfran, Cas's mother, and Jestine, all three in situations attempting to save her from the Obeahman.

The Obeahman was the only ghost with power that matched Anna's. They were connected by Cas's athame and fought aginst each other multiple times. He was the only one capable of hurting her. With help from her friends, Anna prevented the Obeahman from gaining her power and using it for himself.

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