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Carmel Jones

Carmel Jones is one of the female protagonist, along with Anna Korlov. She is a friend of both Cas and Thomas and is very close with them.


Not much is known of Carmel's early life. But it is presumed that she's lived a luxurious, healthy and happy life with her parents, friends and many neighbours. She's a popular girl in school, a queen bee in her school and is constantly surrounded by friends.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Carmel is described as 'downright beautiful' by Cas when he first sees her. He estimates that she has hair three feet of layered blonde hair and lips the color of ripe peaches. Carmel smiles easily, showing of her perfectly white teeth and has warm chocolate eyes.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Upon their first meeting, Cas originally befriends her only for the sake of knowing things and he thinks that she's going to be an easy girl. Later after seeing her smile and conversing, he thinks that she's different from every other queen bee, she's popular and doesn't seem haughty or entitled like the other girls are. He also describes her as someone who's never 

Carmel is also very brave and protective of those she likes, and strongly disapproves of people pranking one another. Her show of bravery is when she stands up to guys for Cas, uncaring of her popularity. This may imply that she doesn't care much of what people think of her. She also follows Cas when they visit Anna's house. She is also rather impulsive as shown when she attacks Anna with a baseball bat without knowing what has happened, simply assuming that Cas is in need of help.

She is also quite devious, skipping classes with her best friends and she also agrees to help Cas and Thoma break into someone else's house.

Her most likeable trait is her kindness, as shown that she wants to help Anna and willingly becomes a witch to assist Cas purify the girl. She is often viewed as a sweet girl by others and often gains their trust, something which allows her to acquire a key to Mike's house and as such, break into his house to retrieve something.

Special SkillsEdit

Carmel has no special skills to speak of, initially anyway. She later becomes a dark witch to purify Anna on good intentions. She also wields a bat - it may be a temporary weapon - as seen when she attacks Anna with it.


Carmel and Cas are best friends - or close friends, seeing as she is willing to risk herself to save him. It is presumbaly that she likes him in the first place but later cedes, knowing that Cas loves Anna and not her.

She is admired by many but doesn't usually pay attention to her admirers. The one crushing on her and is the closest is Thomas Sabin.

She is also close to Mike and his gang - presumably before Cas' arrival - but especially Mike, as she is his ex-girlfriend. She seems to care about him, crying when he turns out dead. She is also close to Will's parents who are her neighbours and trusted her with their house keys.

She is also friends with Anna and throughout the series, shows to have no problem interacting with the other characters.

Her enemy, initially is Anna because of her killing her ex. But later, along with the other characters, she shares a common goal to destroy the Obeahman.

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