Mike Bailey as Thomas Sabin (2-2)

Thomas Sabin

Thomas Sabin is one of the main protagonist and is Carmel and Cas' best friends.


Having no parents to raise him, Thomas is raised by his grandfather who is one of Cas' many contacts' friend who is also a dark witch that taught Thomas witchcraft. He is often bullied in school and has no real friends until he meets Cas and delves into the mysteries of Anna's past where he gains more enemies - which he does not need but will make to help his friends - and friends such as Anna Korlov and Carmel Jones.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Thomas is described as a scrawny boy with ragged black hair and black rimmed glasses. Cas thinks that he has a skinny, pale and lanky body under clothes that don't fit him. He doesn't seem to care what people view of him except for Carmel's opinion as he hastily tries to look good in pajamas for her.

Personality and TraitsEdit

On their first meeting, Cas dislikes Thomas for his attitude and his love to poke his nose in somebody else's business. Later, Thomas reveals that it is for the person's own good. Thomas is often viewed as a nerd and so, is constantly bullies by his schoolmates. Though he brushes it off, it is highly implied that he is hurt by their actions. Despite that, he doesn't let people push him around a lot, retorting to some of their taunts.

He is also brave, contradicting his scrawny appearance. Aside from that, he is loyal and kind, pulling Cas out of Anna's mansion before she can skews him and when the gang abandons him for their own safety. He is selfless and is kind enough to wish that he can free Anna despite all she's done.

He is extremely shy, unable to confess to Carmel and talk casually to her unless it concerns serious situtations (usually concerning ghost stuffs since he's an expert). He is perceptive, able to discern Cas' feelings for Anna even before the former can.

Over all, he's a loyal friend and is also Cas' best friend, along with Carmel.

Special SkillsEdit

Thomas' involvement with Cas and his gang starts when he reveals to Cas that he's a telepathic person, an ability to read another's mind but he claims that he can only do that when someone's really thinking hard. And through his persistent attitude, he manages to secure a position where he may help Cas in hunting Anna. He is also a dark witch, taught by his grandfather and knows how to purify ghosts - so he isn't too terrified of them.

He is also smart and has a wide range of knowledge about ghosts - though not as much as his grandfather knows - which is why Cas and gang constantly refers to him for advice and problems that needs a lot of brains.


Thomas has a big crush on Carmel Jones but has no guts to admit it and is extemely shy when talking to her.

He constantly tags along with Cas, proclaiming himself as the boy's best friend and offers himself to help him despite being pushed away multiple times. Their bond is strong and they are always watching one another's back.

Thomas interacts with Anna and shares sympathy with her for her past and doesn't fear her as much.

Thomas is enemies with Mike and his gang, especially Will after what he's done to them. Though after Will's death, he feels sorry for him and is willing to forgive him for all the wrong that has been done to him. His other enemy and main one, is the Obeahman who is intent on killing his two friends, Anna and Cas.

He is raised by his granfather for most of his life so it is presumed that they are very close.

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